Sihoki Slot NEWS: Mike Sexton donates $500,000 to charity at official WSOP party!

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Mike Sexton brought charity to the WSOP this summer: the “Ambassador of Poker” and host Mike Sexton donated half of his $1,000,000 winnings from the Tournament of Champions, at the official Sihoki Slot party at the Voodoo Lounge at the Rio, Las Vegas on Friday night of July 28.

“It is an honor to have Mike Sexton as part of the team. He leads by example and when he wins a lot of other people win, too.” said Warren Lush, a spokesman for

WSOP NEWS: sponsors first three-generational family ever in WSOP!

This is one family you wouldn’t want to bluff! The Goulding family of Melbourne, FL, consisting of Victor, 91; Rick, 52, and Brenton, 22 are breaking new ground today —as the first ever three-generational family to play in a World Series of Poker Main Event.

The Gouldings — led by irrepressible oldster Victor – are sponsored by, in the tournament which is currently the largest WSOP ever.

WSOP NEWS: Boom – the Monster is here!

In Las Vegas on July 27, the Monster arrived with a mighty boom. Leaving a huge footprint in the desert sand, the largest and most exciting freeroll series in the history of online poker set off on its way across the world.

What a footprint – 51,000 sq. ft! The footprint can be seen from space, planes, helicopters and the towers of major Las Vegas hotels like The Palms and The Rio.

Event #41 Day Two

In the other part of the Main Room at the WSOP, we will have Day Two of a $1,500 NLHE event #41 and Day One of another $1,500 NLHE event #42. Both of these are bracelet events and Ten Time bracelet winner, Phil Hellmuth, is still alive in event #41.

Here are the 48 players returning for Day Two of Event #41.

Rafael “Ralph” Perry Las Vegas, NV $106,800 93 8

James Henson Lake Jackson $88,300 94 5

John Dibella Cave Creek $61,700 95 8

Daniel Gutenplan Culver City, CA $59,800 84 6

Tyler Andrews Las Vegas, NV $58,200 95 7

Jonathan Stamm Glenview, IL $56,300 85 3

Bruce Rawdin Ft. Lauderdale $55,800 95 1

Ernesto Ibrahim unknown $55,200 95 5

J.C. Tran Sacramento, CA $52,900 94 3

Main Event Payouts

And here are the Main Event payouts, including the payouts still to be made (1-135) and the payouts already made (136-876). Players already paid are listed with hometown and amount of winnings. The number is higher (876) than the original list (873) because of ties on the money bubble. Eleven players “tied” on the bubble because instead of going hand-for-hand on 88 tables, the WSOP used a round-for-round system. In this system, at the bubble, each table deals one full round of blinds and all of the busted players in that round share the prizepool by the number of places busted.

In this event the bubble was declared three players from the actual money and eleven players busted in that final round. Therefore, the eleven players shared the bottom eight money places, which were each $14,597. Multiple $14,597 by 8 divide by 11 and you get the payout of $10,616 for those bottom 11 players.


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