Did William Sihoki Slot Get Much Sleep Last Night?


William Thorsson is currently (acccording to CardPlayer) 9th in chips. Yesterday he gave up a pretty big pot and I caught him talking about it with his friends.

“I lost a 9 million pot.” Sihoki Slot said on a break last night. “It cost me 1 million more, I have to call, one time you can be lucky,” said the Swede who finished Day 6 seventh in chips.

Thorsson is now sitting on the featured table and that makes perfect sense because he is such a looker. I wonder if that entered their mind when the powers that be made the seat changes.

Chip Counts and Table Draws – Final 2 Tables

Here are the breakdowns, by seating position, of the final 18 players.

These were the chip counts posted during the break at CardPlayer.com. We’ll call them semi-official. The total number of chips in play (according to these numbers) is 89.83 million, and I used that figure to compute the average chip count of 4,990,555.

TABLE 1 (ESPN’s Featured Table)

1 ….. 2,920,000 … William Thorsson

2 …….. 950,000 … Paul Wasicka

3 ….. 5,940,000 … David Einhorn

4 ….. 3,150,000 … Leif Force

5 ….. 5,700,000 … Rhett Butler

6 ….. 2,800,000 … Jeffrey Lisandro

7 … 18,200,000 … Jamie Gold

8 … 13,400,000 … Allen Cunningham

9 ….. 2,145,000 … Luke Chung


1 …… 955,000 … Richard Lee

2 … 4,680,000 … Michael Binger

3 … 6,200,000 … Dan Nassif

4 … 5,300,000 … John Magill

5 … 4,900,000 … Doug Kim

6 … 2,040,000 … Kevin Aaronson

7 … 5,200,000 … Erik Friberg

8 … 1,700,000 … Fred Goldberg

9 … 3,650,000 … Sirous Jamshidi

UPDATE: Card Player had an error in their original seating assignments, and have since fixed it. Paul Wasicka is actually at the ESPN table in seat 2, and Michael Binger is at Table 2, in seat 2. They’ve been corrected in the lists above, and in the analyzed numbers below.

For analysis of the chip counts and table draws, click “Continue reading…”

Leif Force and Erik Friberg

In this picture from yesterday Leif Force from Tallahassee, FL (on the left) is thinking about a hand he is in with Swede Erik Friberg (on the right). After Leif won the hand I heard Erik talking a little smack asking if Leif just didn’t like him.

“We’ve been in it a few times,” Leif told me on the break. “Mostly over etiquette. But I like him.”

Today the two are on different tables. Leif is in the 12th position with 3,150,000 chips and Erik is in 7th position with 5,200,000 chips and 18 players remaining.

The blinds are 30,000/60,000. That means there are 180,000 chips in the pot just from the blinds and antes before the action even starts. Good luck, guys.

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