Why You Need To Be Found On Google Local Search

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Google local search has to be one of the best features available for any brick and mortar business. With ore and more people turning to the internet for information before venturing out to go shopping, it is becoming an essential tool.

When a user enters a search term – for example, coffee shops in Edinburgh – Google will first display a map and alongside it a list of the top ranked business results for that search term.

The map has an alphabetical pin placement for each business listed. For each business there is a regular link to the web site, the business telephone number and a link to the reviews that have been left for that business.

To get listed on Google Local Business Center you will need to visit the site and ‘add your business’. Essentially, you are building a business profile with details such as address, telephone number, operating hours and any other relevant data. Google will perform a check which will include confirmation of the details, generally by telephone. Once confirmed, the business will start to appear in the business results.

Reviews are a big help to getting onto the front page. Have people who know your business enter reviews – these could be friends or better still, former and current customers.

Why is it important to be a part of Google local business? The results will speak for themselves once you are listed. People will find your listing and know precisely where to go – and most importantly – it’s all free.


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