What Size To Choose From for Diamond Paintings


Diamond Painting can be made into different sizes. But the problem is that people don’t know the size to choose from. The problem will be easily broken down as below.

A tight budget user who want to buy a small size diamond painting

A high budget user who want to buy a big size diamond painting

But the problem is not only related to the budget and size but also how many details you want from the diamond painting. You should care about this problem even if you have a high budget. I have seen many customers with a low budget and bought a detailed diamond painting. Then they came to me and complaint that the products are really bad. However, I have also seen customers with a low budget bought a less detailed one and told me that the picture is really good.

Hight budget customers will often make a mistake that they could put many objects in the diamond painting and make then look good. I would say, this is wrong.

So for the size, my suggestion would be as below.

For size, less than 30*30cm, choose a less detail one. Better with only one object in the photo. Don’t choose a complex one.

For size larger than 30*30cm but below 50*50cm, you can have at most two objects in the photo. A less complicated picture would be ok for this size.

For size larger than 50*50cm, choose at most 4 objects in the picture.

To visualize, you can refer to the picture below.

What Diamond PaintingTools Do You Need for Your Project

For the tools, it depends on how large your project is and the working environment you have. Let’s break down the problem.

If you have a very large project, say 50*50cm, to make. Go for a storage box. Personally, I prefer the tictac box one. You can organize your beads easily with the DMC number written on it.

If you prefer to work in a dark environment, you shall go for a light pad or a light pen. It will help you reveal the symbol on the canvas.

If you can see the symbol on the canvas easily, you may need a magnification glass.

For more tools info, you can refer to this article Diamond Painting Tools You Need for This Amazing Craft.

Different Kinds of Diamond Paintings

Normal Diamond Painting

There are two different types of normal diamond paintings that you can choose from: the square drill and the round drill. Drill will also be called as bead. In the diamond painting terms, they are the same meaning. One uses diamonds that are square in shape, and the other uses diamonds that are round. If you prefer cleaner pictures that look more like a mosaic, then you will prefer the square drill. If, on the other hand, you like a painting that looks more like a cross stitch piece, then you will likely prefer the round drill. Some say that the round drill is better for more intricate details. Some choose their painting based on these facets, and others simply because they like the picture itself. Both have positive aesthetic qualities and it can’t hurt to try them both!

In addition, if you don’t feel ready to tackle an entire canvas on your own, there are some that are partially pre-printed.

Special Diamond Painting or Bedazzled Diamond Painting

Besides round bead diamond painting and square bead diamond painting, there is also a special and beautiful kind of diamond painting. It is called special diamond painting or bedazzled diamond painting. Unlike normal diamond painting, the bedazzled diamond paintings are designed especially with shining drills. Those beads will have different sizes. Most of them look like real diamonds.

Sepcial Diamond Painting Drills

Bedazzled Diamond Painting Beads

As you can see, the drills are different

Those drills are called AB drills. They look like crystal also. If you want a bling-bling one, I would recommend you to buy a bedazzled diamond painting. However, due to the difficulty of the design, there won’t be many styles of special diamond painting. You can only have a few choices.