Wednesday, December 1, 2021

What happen if people use Pop-Up Killers and ask What Is Playable Ads?





Nothing – in every sense. We have agreements with publisher websites and we present pop-unders to any visitor on thise sites. When a visitor have a pop-up/under killer then the request for the pop-under will never succeed and you will not pay because no exposure was made.


From the discrepancy between pop-unders we serve and the pages our publisher show – we estimate that about 3% to 5% use pop-up killers. But most importantly with our system you do not pay for any attempt to display your ad if it is not successful.


How to take advantage of our traffic



Using Traffic to Your Advantage!

It is important to understand What Is Playable Ads and how to best use traffic to your advantage. If you use the traffic we send properly you will sell more – and the new customers will return month after month!


Realize that you are advertising!

It is surprising that most advertisers simply request, that traffic be sent to their main page! This is like advertising on television using a picture of a store. You will achieve your best results if you think of a traffic program like a television commercial. Television commercials are short, quickly grab the viewer’s attention and make a clear point. The page you send traffic to should also have these features.


Usually, the main page of a web-site is simply too cluttered to use effectively a traffic program and a special “campaign page” should be created.


Does the page grabs the visitor’s attention? Large lettering, headings, attractive images, catch phrases and other common techniques will get users to check out what you have to offer.


If you do not get the visitor’s attention FAST, they will simply leave your site!


Give them a reason to stay! Look at the ads used by major sites like Orbitz and X10 – they NEVER have more than a few words of text and are always colorful. The point is not to sell right away – it is to get the visitor’s attention.



Use Banner Exchanges

You are declining FREE ADVERTISING if you do not use at least one banner exchange on your campaign page! There are several banner exchanges on the Internet. These services allow you to place a banner ad on your site. In exchange for advertising on your site, your advertisement is placed on other sites. Generally, you earn one banner impression for every two you display. We suggest that you place banner ads from two exchanges on your site.


Assuming you place two ads on your site, you will usually earn one banner impression for every visitor you receive.


Your banner ad will be displayed on other pages and users who click it will be brought to your site. These users are “targeted and self-selected”. They have chosen to visit your site and have demonstrated an interest in your product.


If you do not want to place banner ads on your main page, you can create another page with banner ads to which we send traffic. Indeed, we suggest that you have a special campaign page anyway.


Do not Miss This Point! Targeted banner impressions often cost in excess of $15 per 1,000 ($15 CPM). Suppose you join two exchanges and order a 100,000 visitors package from us. You should earn about 100,000 free-targeted banner impressions from the exchanges. This equates to an advertising value of $1,500. Of course, you do not have to include banner exchanges on your site, but you are missing out if you do!


With a well-designed banner, you can expect to achieve a 0.25%-3% Click Through Rate (CTR). So, if your ad is displayed 100,000 times, you can expect to receive up to 3,000 visitors who have already demonstrated an interest in your product (by clicking your ad). Of course, this translates into sales!


What is the Potential Return on Your Investment

It’s an indisputable fact that your site, or any site, needs visitors if you are going to make any money on the Internet.


Our service can guarantee visitors to your site, however the effectiveness of your ad campaign will determine whether or not you make the sale.


If we could, we would certainly offer a guarantee on sales, but that is really up to how your product or service is presented. What we do offer that many other traffic sites do not, is a creative department to help you create a more effective ad campaign.




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