Judi Bola Online and Sports Betting – Parlays


A parlay is a combined bet on two, three, four or more games. You have to win all of your picks to win your parlay. If one of your picks loses, then your whole wager is lost.

If a game is a tie, postponed, incomplete, cancelled, or rescheduled for another date, your parlay is reduced to the next lowest level. That means a three team parlay with a tie becomes a two team parlay, or a two team parlay with a tie becomes a straight bet that is calculated at $10 to win $9.

Ties are considered losing bets at many sportsbooks, not pushes, so check the rules before betting.

The suface appeal of parlay bets is obvious — a ten-team parlay pays off at 400 to 1.

Sports Betting – Total or over/under bets

A total wager is a bet on the combined number of points scored in the Togel game by both teams. You can bet on whether the actual number of total points scored is over or under the line posted. The total points scored includes points scored in overtime.

You can also bet whether the combined number of points or goals scored in the game will be over or under the total set by the oddsmaker. For example, if the total is 32 and you believe that the combined points scored will exceed that number, you would bet over 32.

This is really another form of straight bet and the payoff is also $10 for every $11 bet. Again, if the total is exactly on the line, it is a push or tie and your original bet is refunded.

Sports Betting – The Moneyline

Baseball games and some other sports events are handled a little differently than football, basketball and hockey. Oddsmakers don’t set a point spread for baseball games. Instead, they set a moneyline. The moneyline gives the odds that one team will beat another.

There is a different moneyline total for either side on a moneyline bet, a negative side (the favorite) and a positive side (the underdog). For example, Seattle -170 LA +150 means that Dallas is the favorite and for every $170 you bet on Dallas, you win $100 if they win.

For every $100 you bet on Washington – the underdog – you win $150 if they win. By offering different odds for each team, the sportsbook is able to balance action on both teams.

Here’s another example. The Atlanta Braves may be favored over the Chicago Cubs by 150. The customer must lay $150 in order to win $100; if Atlanta wins the game, no point spreads are involved. If Atlanta loses, the customer loses $150.

However, the customer could bet on Chicago, in which case the customer would lay $100 in order to win $150 if Chicago wins the game. If Chicago loses, the customer only loses $100, because Chicago is the underdog.

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