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Gonegambling was voted #1 at Gambling.com.

GoneGambling was voted the “Best Miscellaneous Gambling Site” every single month from July 2001 to February 2003 at Gambling.com.

GoneGambling is the Top Gambling Portal GoneGambling was voted “Top Gambling Portal” for 2002 by Gambling Online Magazine readers. This is one of the most prestigious awards available on the Net for a gambling or casino site and we thank everyone who voted for GoneGambling.

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Casino Fortune set to penetrate Europe.

One year ago, the UK made an announcement that rocked the international gaming industry: they proposed to create laws for online gaming and regulate that huge world business. Industry giant, Casino Fortune has announced the opening of its UK Casino (www.casinofortune.co.uk).

Casino Fortune intends to pump £23 million in its advertising budget including special offers to its’ existing customers to recommend their friends, now that Pounds play is available. Companies like Ladbrokes and William Hills will now increase their advertising spend to counter the international giant of online gaming.

Designed for the European player, the casino also does it’s processing in Pounds making the gaming experience more convenient, superior and user-friendly. With over 55 games, players are given the opportunity to win big while playing in the comfort of their homes.  “We are very pleased to announce that the Pound Casino is up and running and proud to offer our expertise in the gambling market to our European customers” says Anand Rajkumar, Managing Director.  “Our mission is to give players more than they bargain for, after all they are sovereign,” he added.

Casino Fortune anticipates a huge customer base as they already have thousands of British members who were previously gambling in US Dollars.  Their 24hr Customer Service Department is fully equipped to handle the barrage of customers that will surely flood its doors.  “We are dedicated to providing gaming experiences to our Inscrivez-Vous members that will consistently outperform the competition. We have always been the industry standard since we opened. Casino Fortune was one of the first on the Internet. Our company will also look at land-based opportunities in the UK market to expand our existing casinos”, says Waldron Ramsay, Sunny Casinos Chairman.

About Casino Fortune

Casino Fortune is managed by Sunny Casinos.  The company offers online gaming, which is legal and licensed. 6 years in the online casino business has equipped Casino Fortune with the expertise to provide round the clock customer service, lucrative sign up bonuses, player perks, big prizes and most of all fast payouts all in the best interest of its customers.

Sunny Casinos has always been British owned. Director, John Wallis continues a family tradition of being on the UK gambling scene, which dates back to the 1960’s. “It is good to be home after many years in the greater world building a company that can compete seriously with the ‘big boys’. Casino Fortune is now in a position where they (the ‘big boys’) have to follow and copy what we do!” he exclaimed.






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