5 Poker Hotties You Can’t Miss

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Poker professional Chad Brown was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, known as sarcoma. The cancer occurred in his abdomen as a 10 lb tumor, and days ago, Brown underwent surgery to have the tumor removed. Vanessa Rousso, his fiancé, and also a well-known poker pro herself, has kept the poker community abreast of the changes through her Twitter account.

Doyle Brunson exchanged tweets back and forth with Rousso, expressing his sympathy as a cancer survivor himself. The Godfather of Poker tweeted, “Any news from Chad Brown? Come on man, knock this out. I did it and so can you!!!! I’m a cancer survivor so if you want to talk, I’m your man.”

Brown has made a living for himself first as a poker player, second as a very like-able personality and presenter. His live tournament earnings exceed $3.1 million. His biggest cash came in 2006, where he pulled in a hefty $205,040. In the same event, Brown met his eventual-fiance Rousso. Brown later reminisced, “Not a bad day for me. I won a quarter of a million dollars and met my future fiancée. Does it get any better than that?”

Only a week ago, Brown was competing in a $1k rebuy event at the Commerce Casino in LA. Survival rates with radiation and chemo therapy bitcoin blackjack range between 35% to 70%. Every case has its own aspects, however, and the poker community wishes only the best for Brown and Rousso.

The day after his operation, Brown tweeted, “I want to thank everyone for their tremendous support. It means a lot to me. We got through the 1st hurdle about as good as can be expected.”

#1 Courtney Gee

Courtesy of Courtney Gee’s Facebook

Courtney Gee is FlopTurnRiver’s Asian sensation. I’ve personally poked her over 20 times (on Facebook). Although her taste in guys is lacking, her poker skills make up for it. In 2010, Gee finished runner-up in the Full Tilt Double Deuce, pocketing over $20k. A few months later she was selected to be the Loose Cannon on the PokerStars Big Game. Look for her episode to air on FOX this summer.

#2 Liv Boeree

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree is so hot I would eat lima beans out of her, and I don’t even like lima beans. Besides her looks, Boeree also has brains. She has a degree in astrophysics and a PhD in giving guys a chubby bo bo. Oh, Boeree also won an EPT title. To date she has amassed over $2 million in tournament winnings so we know she isn’t the Anna Kournikova of poker. Liv, if you’re reading this, call me! If my wife answers, leave a message.

#3 Tom Dwan

Photo Courtesy of Highstakesnews

Mere words cannot describe the sexiness of Tom “durrrr” Dwan; therefore, I found this picture of him. Dwan has been running fools off the street since 2004. He has accumulated millions of dollars in cash games and tournament winnings. Many in the poker community consider Dwan to be the best headsup No Limit Hold’Em player on the planet. I don’t know how Dwan got to be so good at poker and good looking. If I had to speculate, I’d guess unicorn blood.

#4 Gloria Balding

Photo Courtesy of Blogholdempoker

Gloria Balding is hot. Also, she has more twitter followers than  me. Balding works behind the scenes in the poker industry as a producer and blogger. I would like to work behind her scenes.

#5 Kimberly Lansing

Photo Courtesy of WPT

Most people know Kim Lansing as the hostess from the World Poker Tour (WPT). However, the brunette bombshell is also a talented writer; perhaps more talented than me. She has written for People magazine and has shot video segments for Cosmo Celebrity TV. There is no doubt she is multi-talented and hopefully she can multi-task…


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